Team Chicago is a National Team racing the WERA National Endurance Series Team Chicago Challenge is a weekly motorcycle racing television show.

Shows produced during 1999


#546 Ice Race Practice: We go out to test for the 1999 season Jan 10, 1999

#547 Ice Racing at Antigo Part 1: Locate in northern Wisconsin, this is the fastest ice race in the country. In this show we cover the heat race action on this banked one-half mile track. Jan. 17, 1999

#548 Ice Racing at Antigo Part 2: We check out the finals at the Langlade County Fairgrounds. Jan. 17, 1999

#549 3-Hour Ice Race Endurance Pt. 1: First one and one-half hour of this ice race endurance held in Wisconsin. We watch the start with three classes speeding to challenge this national level race. We receive comments from some of the racers. Jan. 24, 1999

#550 3-Hour Ice Race Endurance Pt. 2: Conclusion of this 3 hour race with more comments from the racers. Jan 24, 1999

#551 90 Minute Ice Race Part 1: On Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin, Dan Schmitt rides this entire 90 minute race with the Team Chicago Helmet-Cam. Included in this show is comments from some of the competitors. Feb. 1, 1999

#552 90 Minute Ice Race Part 2: Conclusion of this 90 minute ice race viewed with the Team Chicago Helmet-Cam with action from this 2 mile track marked by Christmas trees. Feb. 1, 1999

#553 Oshkosh Winterfest Part 1: This racing action in the bay on Lake Winnebago brings out the largest number of spectators for the racing and to raise funds for the Otter Street Fisheries. We check out the heat race action. Feb. 8, 1999

#554 Oshkosh Winterfest Part 2: We check out the action in the finals. Feb. 8, 1999

#555 International Motorcycle Show:  Rosemont, Illinois, we look at the new bikes and talk to some of the participants.

#556 Something New, Something Old: Using the setting of the Field Museum in Chicago,  we first return to Four & Six Cycle in Chicago to check out Computrack, the frame straighten system, then we check out the goings on at the Museum, and we look at a brief clip from the fun race held indoors at Thunder Dome. Mar. 20, 1999

#557 My 10 Favorite: First we travel to North Judson, Indiana to Kersting’s Motorcycle Dealers and Museum to ride the brand new 1999 Excelsior Henderson. Then at the Field Museum in Chicago I video tape and comment my ten favorite motorcycles in the ART OF THE MOTORCYCLE. We return to Kersting’s to ride a 1948 Ariel Four Square. April 3, 1999

#558 The Tracks for 1999: We look at the tracks that we will race at during the 1999 season with the Team Chicago Helmet Camera. April 3, 1999

#559 FREE Roadrace School at Grattan Raceway: Team Chicago conducts this free school. Started in 1993, we look back through the years to the various instructors that have been part of this school. Also track clips including Team Chicago Helmet-Camera. April 10, 1999

#560 WERA Nat'l at Talladega Part 1: We show the first 2 and ½ hours  of this Four Hour event. With the TC Helmet-Cam we look at this track in Alabama.  Team Chicago leads in Middleweight SuperStock class. Also included a Dunlop Tire tech tip about tire pressure with Jeff Henderson. April 17, 1999

#561 WERA Nat'l at Talladega Part 2: The conclusion of the 4 hour race with Team Chicago winning in Middleweight SuperStock Class. We  also look at Sunday’s National Challenge sprints races: 750 SuperStock, Open SuperStock, Formula 2, 600 SuperStock and Novice 600 SuperBike. We interview David Swats from Roadracing World Magazine. April 17, 1999

#562 Road Test 1999: Along with the staff from OPEN ROAD RADIO we test some 1999 Cruiser motorcycles including Harley’s, Yamaha’s, Hondas and Kawasaki’s. Also included with this show is a clip from the studio of OPEN ROAD RADIO and Vintage footage of the 1953 Peoria National TT. April 22, 1999

#563 MEGACROSS: We travel to Mendota, Illinois for the Friday night action Stadium Motocross races featuring the 125A and 250A races. May 1, 1999

#564 The Moose Run, Part 1: This is the Saturday event with 50’s, 60’s, 80’s and the Vintage groups on this off-road cause. This is the fun run. Check out the track with the TEAM CHICAGO Helmet-Camera. May 1, 1999

#565 The Moose Run, Part 2: This is the Sunday event, the baddest off-road race in the country, we cover all the action. May 2, 1999

#566 WERA Nat'l Ginger Man, Part 1: We travel to West Michigan just 6 miles east of Lake Michigan for the 2nd WERA National. This six hour event starts in the rain with team taking it easy. After the first three hours, the rain let up and the teams up the speed. Interview with Tracy Shidler, one of the racers on The Leaning Lizards Racing. May 8, 1999

#567 WERA Nat'l Ginger Man, Part 2: Conclusion of the six hour endurance. We talk to Paul Penzo from Canada. Grif Allen raps up this 6 hour race. We check out the racing action of the WERA National Challenge Series on Sunday. We cover the 1100 SuperStock, 750 SuperStock and 600 SuperStock classes. May 9, 1999

#568 Midwest WaterCross Tour: Traveling with the team from XTREME MOTORSPORTS, we check out the racing action at this campgrounds in Illinois. May 16, 1999

#569 Do It In The Dirt: Along with the staff from OPEN ROAD RADIO we travel to Buffalo Range in Illinois to do some trail riding. Along with my grandson, Brandon we check out the motocross track. We look at some vintage racing footage from the late 1940’s showing scramble racing and off-road riding. The Team Chicago Tech Tip shows how to install the Moose Engine Guard.  We rap it up with the girls from the radio show riding dirt bikes. May 30, 1999.

#570 WERA Nat'l Roebling Road, Part 1: We travel to the eastern shoreline in Georgia to race this four-hour National Endurance. After the start of this race, we pick up the 1999 Yamaha YZF600 R-6 at Kersting’s Cycle Center in North Judson, Indiana and we check out some of the vintage motorcycles they have on display. Returning to the racing action we cover the first two hours. June 5, 1999

#571 WERA Nat'l Roebling Road, Part 2: We return to the racing action at the track outside of Savannah, Georgia. With the conclusion of this 4-hour race, we check out the action of the Sunday sprint races including Open SuperStock, 600 SuperStock, 125 GP and Formula 2.

#572 AHRMA Nat'l at Grattan: We cover the motocross action and roadrace action at Grattan Raceway in Michigan. Vintage Racing at its best. June 19, 1999

#573 WERA Nat'l Indianapolis Raceway Park Part 1: At Indianapolis Raceway Park just west of Indianapolis, we begin this 4-Hour National event. The Team Chicago Tech Tip shows how to measure and install AirTECH Racing fiberglass on the Yamaha R-6. A close look at this racetrack comes with racing action with the Team Chicago Helmet-Cam. Show ends with racing in the third hour. June 26, 1999

#574 WERA Nat'l Indianapolis Raceway Park Part 2: We rap up the third hour of racing action at this 4-Hour National Endurance. During the 4th hour with the Team Chicago Helmet Cam, we race to the end. Coverage of the Sunday’s National Challenge Series include the Open SuperStock, Formula 2 and 600 SuperStock races. June 27, 1999

#575 Battle of the Big Boars: This Gerhard Ward inspired event features the best of the Open Class Motocrossers in the Midwest, two-strokes vs. four-strokes. We show both Open Class motos, plus the 50cc Sr., 65cc, 80cc, 125A and 250A motos. This Race was held at Buffalo Range just west of Ottawa, Illinois. July 4, 1999

#576 WERA Nat'l Road Atlanta Part 1: Northeast of Atlanta, Georgia is Road Atlanta, site of the 6-Hour National Endurance. After the start of this event, the TEAM CHICAGO TECH TIP shows how the Bang-A-Rang rearsets are manufactured. We also install these on the Yamaha R-6.  With a re-start we continue to cover the racing action. The Team Chicago Helmet Camera shows a great view of the 3-mile track. July 10, 1999

#577 WERA Nat'l Road Atlanta Part 2: Continuing the coverage of this six-hour race. The TEAM CHICAGO TECH TIP shows how to install the Tapeworks Graphic kit on a Yamaha YZF600. At the conclusion of this race, we show some of the racing action in the Vintage 2, Vintage 5 and C production Novice races with a demo ride with Yamaha TZ750s. July 11, 1999

#578 Lake County SuperCross Race 1: This motocross event held at he Lake County Fairgrounds, Grayslake, Illinois. Races covered include both heats of the 125A class, 125B class, plus 25 class, 250A main, 125A main, 125B main and the Dash for Cash. July 28, 1999

#579 Lake County SuperCross Race 2: This Thursday night event at Lake County Fairgrounds. We cover the first 125A heat, both of the 250A heats and the 250B heat. The finals views include plus 25, 125A, 250B, 250A and the Dash for Cash. This is a three-camera shoot with the truck provided by Lake Forest Television. July 29, 1999

#580 WERA Nat'l Summit Point Part 1: The firs three hour of this national held 60 miles from Washington, D.C. We capture Steve Karson making a spectacular crash. July 31, 1999

#581 WERA Nat'l Summit Point Part 2: Conclusion of this 4 hour national with Team Chicago still retaining the point lead in Middleweight SuperStock Class. We also watch one round of the GPRA 125 Series, the 600 & 1100 SuperStock Expert races. Aug. 1, 1999

#582 Summer Bummer Enduro: We ride this enduro at 'Naked City' in Indiana put on by the Hill and Gully M/C Club. August 8, 1999

#583 WERA Nat'l Putnam Park, Part 1:This 6 hour National at Putnam which is just Southwest of Indianapolis, Indiana. We cover the first three hours of this race with the rear tire change on the Team Chicago Yamaha R-6 at the end of the show as Dan Schmitt heads out. August 21, 1999

#584 WERA Nat'l Putnam Park, Part 2: The concluding 2 hours of this three-hour race with Grif Allen during the race rap-up.  We then cover the Open and 600 SuperStock plus 125 races from the WERA National at South Carolina Raceway. We also cover these three classes plus the Clubman race from this National at Putnam. August 21, 1999


#585 WERA Nat'l Memphis M/S Part 1: Extremely hot weather welcomes the WERA National competitors to Elvis’ hometown. During the first three hours the Team Chicago R-6 suffers engine problems. Dan Schmitt interviews Tapeworks’ Russell Mascar. September 4, 1999

#586 WERA Nat'l Memphis M/S Part 2:Cover the final 3 hours of this 6-hour event, Matt Carlyle and Dave Coomes are interviewed. The Team Chicago Tech Tip shows how to install the Frame Protectors with drilling the fiberglass on the R-6. Racing action from the Open, 750 & 600 SuperStock, 125 GP and Formula 250 classes of the WERA National Challenge Series are covered. September 5, 1999

#587 AHRMA Nat'l Park City, Part 1, September 18, 1999.Vintage roadracing in the streets of Park City to replace the action from Steamboat. Comments from resident and racing by old and modern twins. Coverage from Sotheby’s Ducati Ride and my 10 favorite motorcycles at this auction house.

#588 AHRMA Nat'l Park City, Part 2,  September 19, 1999 Vintage motocross action with comments from some of the racers. Plus footage from the Vintage National One-Half Mile at the fairgrounds in Hurbert City, Utah.

#589 WERA 24-Hour Nat'l Willow Springs, Part 1, September 25-26, 1999. The first six hours of this first time in 7 years 24-hour race.  Racing in the high desert northeast of Los Angeles. Racing action and comment from the racers fill the first part of the three show series.

#590 WERA 24-Hour Nat'l Willow Springs, Part 2, September 25-26, 1999. Complete coverage of the nighttime action in the high desert. Team Chicago Helmet-camera footage and views of the track bring the action home. Additional footage from the Yamaha National Headquarters and AirTECH Streamlining in Vista, California are included with pit action.

#591 WERA 24-Hour Nat'l Willow Springs, Part 3, September 25-26, 1999. Starting in the early morning, coverage continues to the end of this great event. Kent Riches at AirTECH explains how fiberglass pieces ore made in his shop. The race concludes with a great party. Team Chicago gains enough points to secure the championship.

#592 WERA GNF Road Atlanta, Part 1, October 8-10, 1999. Final National endurance of the 1999 season. First 2 hours of this four-hour event are covered. Steve Brubaker of Race Tire Service-Dunlop provides a Tech Tip about measuring your tires when you change brands.

#593 WERA GNF Road Atlanta, Part 2, October 8-10, 1999. Conclusion of the four-hour endurance is presented with Team Chicago capturing the Middleweight SuperStock Championship. Then we look at the National Challenge Finals including Open, 750 & 600 SuperStock classes with comments of Joe Prussiano, Mark Junge and Lee Acree. Rap-up of the WERA/GPRA 125 final and a look at the awards banquet. Brian Healea of Leaning Lizards Racing make a speech.

#594 Road Race School at Gingerman, October 16, 1999. Cold and chilly winds at this roadcourse in West Michigan greet the 30 or so brave student for this fall school. Lee Rigozzi conducts the classroom session teaching about the cornerworker’s flags. The students take a track walk and ride on the track as we capture their comments.

#595 THE RACE, Part 1, October 30, 1999: Dan Schmitt rides a 250 Praga in this 40 mile off-road race held in Western Illinois. We interview Greg Bitner, the Praga importer. Action from the 50cc and 60cc races is also shown. The Team Chicago Helmet-Cam bring the off-road action home.

#596 THE RACE, Part 2, November 1, 1999: The five wave start begins this toughest, baddest off-road motorcycle race in the USA. With tough water-crossings and mud-bogs, the field is whittled down at the end. Phil Converse, the factory backed Praga racer, is interviewed.

#597 Bitter End Enduro, November 8, 1999: Come along with Dan Schmitt riding his '89 Yamaha WR 250 on this AMA District 17 Enduro. Open fields and tight woods lay ahead as Dan battles to stay on his minute. The Team Chicago Helmet-Cam captures all the action. Ivan Espata, a mechanic at 4 & 6 Cycle, relates his first adventure into the world of off-road racing. Vintage hill-climb footage from 1948 is included.

#598, Legends and Toys, November 28 & December 5, 1999. Mixing the largest TOY FOR TOTS parade in the Nation with the Legends of Chicagoland Motorcycle Racing Brunch, this show features riding the 2000 Aprilia Mille in the parade and some great speeches from our guest speakers include: Bill Wildt, George Mack, Jr., Buzz Walneck and Lee Parks. Footage from Bill Wildt’s Motorsports Unlimited show is from the show produced at the ‘Rock’. The show ends as the parade travels along Western Ave in Chicago.

#599, Ice Race Practice, December 26, 1999,

#600, SHOW #600, December 31, 1999,




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