Team Chicago is a National Team racing the WERA National Endurance Series Team Chicago Challenge is a weekly motorcycle racing television show.



Photo from Kim Muhr

Check out the e-mail below......


1. David Jones,   Schererville, IN   Kawasaki

2. Greg Neu,  Ferndale, MI,  Harley-Davidson

3. Robert Ward,  Melvindale, MI,  Honda

4. Kevin Regan,  Monroe, MI,  Buell

5. Paul Henderson, Algonac, MI   Harley-Davidson

6. Mike Watson,  Sylvania, OH   Suzuki

7. John Boer, Scotts, MI  Boss Hog

8. Brad Keefer,   Fort Wayne, IN   Honda

9. Matthew Chudy,  Jenison, MI   Honda

10. Cameron Smith,  Davison, MI  


1. Jona Lumayag,  Chicago, IL  Honda

2. Kristen Baustert, Chicago, IL  Honda

3. Jason Koschnitzke, Chicago, IL  Honda

4. Eric Geiselman, Dayton, OH,  Honda

5. Darci Buttera, Milwaukee, WI, Honda

6. Robert Hicks, Chicago, IL,  Honda

7. Chris Steele,  Whitefish Bay, WI,  Honda

8. Bryan Glevicky,  Cincinanti, OH,  Honda

9.  Joseph Ryan,  Chicago, IL   Suzuki

10. Brett Kurtz,  Chicago, IL,   Suzuki

11. Rebecca Berneck,  Evanston, IL  Honda

12. Curtis Kurtz,  Brooklyn,, NY,  Kawasaki

13. Lori Faber,  Cedar Springs, MI  Honda

14. Daniel May,  Wilmette, IL,   BMW

15. Chad Dennis,  Shorewood, WI   Honda

16. Dan Waite,  Chicago, IL   Honda

17.  Joe McCormick, Muskegon, MI  KTM

18. Shane McGovern,  Dundee MI,   Honda


An E-mail from one of the students...


My name is DeAnna Ward and I attended the Grattan track day today.  I was wondering who was taking pictures today.  I saw the guy at the bus stop and I'd love to get some of those pictures.  If you could let me know I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks! 

I really enjoyed today and learned a ton.  Especially in the classroom sessions.  Thank you for a wonderful day!!!  One thing, next time could you turn up the heat?  lol


If you have any photos from this weekend, please get back to me and we can work on getting some photos to some of the students that would like to have them......Dan 

Dan Schmitt's e-mail is


1. DeAnna Ward,  Kalamazoo, MI   Honda

2. Chris Oswalt, Temperance, MI   Kawasaki

3. Mark Nester, Grand Rapids, MI   Suzuki

4. Bob Sawicki,  Gaylord, MI,   Kawasaki

6. David Grouls,   Toledo, OH   Kawasaki

7. Mike King,  Waterford, MI,  Yamaha

8. Kyle Scarbnick

9. Thomas Faber, Cedar Springs, MI  Ducati

10. Frederick Milton, Kalamazoo, MI   

11. Kim Muhr,   St. Charles, IL  Honda

12. Joel Yoder,  Fort Wayne, IN  Suzuki

13. Ramsey Alvarez,  Montaque, MI  Yamaha

14. Kirby Corkill,  Park Ridge, IL   BMW, 

15.Shane McGovern,  Dundee MI,   Honda

16. Jared Pierce,  Rockford, MI  Suzuki

17. James Linton,  Novi, MI  Suzuki

18. Bruce Morhardt,  Huntley, IL  Yamaha

19. Ted Stressman,  Coral, MI   KTM

20. Mike Merryman,  Wyoming, MI   Honda

21. Matthew Blom,  Clawson, MI  Yamaha



1.  Oscar Elian, Ada, MI, Honda

2.  Eden Weston, Taylor, MI   Suzuki

3.  Jeff Taylor, Grand Haven, MI,  Kawasaki

4. Anne Marie Somerville, Kitchner, Ont.  Ducati

5. Brad Angus,  Jenison, MI   Honda

6. Austin Zeno,  Grand Rapids, MI  Yam

7. Tim Olson,  Grand Rapids, MI   Honda

8. Jon Crawford,  Holland, MI   KTM

9. Michael Brandt,  Grand Rapids, MI   Suzuki

10. Alex Volkov,  Rockford, MI   Kawasaki

11. Kevin Haverkamp,  Rockford, MI   Suzuki

12. Ricky Owens, Gary, IN  Suzuki

13. Brock Schmalzfried, Ypsilanti, MI   Kawasaki

14. Zach Neilsen, Brunswick, OH,  Honda

15. Jason Keefer,  Fort Wayne, IN   Honda

16. Robbie Scudder, St. Joseph, MI,  Honda



1.  Joe Haupt,  Brookfield, WI,  Honda

3.  David Lockhart, St. Charles, IL , Kawasaki

3.  Justin Maas,  McComb, OH  Suzuki

4. Jerry Reeves,  Toledo, OH,  Suzuki

5. Steve Jackson,  Chicago, IL  Honda

6. Ramon Vasquez,  Yoder, IN   Honda

7. Jason Eicholtz, Fort Wayne, IN  Triumph

8. Anthony Mangma,  Wyoming, MI   Aprilia

9. Dan McRoberts, Grand Rapids, MI   Aprilia

10. Mohamed Ittayem, Dearborn, MI,  Suz

11.  Amar Alhadad,  Dearborn, MI   Yamaha

12. Ali Zahoui, Dearborn Heights, MI  Honda

13. Andrew Gustafson, Huskms, OH,  Honda

14.  Matt Steffani

INSTRUCTORS   (You guys did a great job!!)

GROUP 5: Fran Kokes, Arlington Heights, IL  Becky Baker, St. Charles, IL  Paul Sublewski, Chicago, IL

GROUP 4: Craig Breckon,  Sparta, Michigan, Garry Bird, Champaign, IL   Jeff Cottrell,  Ted Robinson, Redford, MI,  John Ellis, Middleville, MI,  Roscoe Tuffli, Lowell, MI,  Ryan Breckon, Michigan, Chris Casas, Evanston, IL,  Karena Bierman, Evanston, IL

GROUP  3: , , Greg Hutcheson, West Olive, MI,  Gordon Hamilton, Novi, MI, Brian Wagner, Marango, IL,  Greg Benilli

Group 2:  Phil Young, Chicago, IL  Robert Taylor, Portage, MI,  Chad Wiers, Belmont, MI

GROUP 1: Eric Kronigsberg, Kalamazoo, MI , Jeff Morrow,  Kitchener, ON, CAN, Nick Van Goor, Alto, MI,  Nick Blasel, Medford, MI,  and  Bruce Blake, Michigan Engineering (the suspension guy), Caledonia, MI

Special Thanks to the Can Do Safety Crew. Again this year, they took care of the track during the fifteen track-sessions. Penny Bulmer taught the class in garage 2 that informed the students about the meaning of the flags and hand signals used by the safety crew during any and all track sessions, whether during this school and any racing activities.





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