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RACERS’ School Entry, Saturday, April 5 , 2014






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 NON-REFUNDABLE TRACK FEE OF $65.00 is to be included with this pre-entry form. (check, money order, bank draft, US FUNDS Only)


RELEASE: I hereby release, and agree to hold harmless Team Chicago, A.I.P.I International Inc., Grattan Raceway Park, the promoters, the owners and lessees of the premise, the participants, and the officers, directors, official, representatives, agents, and employees of all of them, of and from all liability, loss, claims and demands that may accrue from any loss, damage or injury (including death, loss of limbs and permanent Disablement) to my person or property, in any way resulting from, or arising in connection with this event, and whether arising while engaged in competition or in practice or preparation therefor, or while upon entering or departing from said premises, for any cause whatsoever. I know the risk and danger to myself and property while upon and in reliance, upon my own judgment and ability and I thereby assume all risk for loss, damage or injury (including death, loss of limbs and permanent disablement) to myself and my property for any cause whatsoever.

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Post-Entry Fee is $85.00

Licensed Roadracers who want to take the school  will be required to pay a $75.00 Fee.


 PLEASE DO NOT CALL ABOUT ENTRIES, CHECK Pre-entry list at website

CHECK for Your Entry application at

MAIL TO: TEAM CHICAGO’S SCHOOL     For Information Call:

                  P.O. Box 30066                                            Grattan Raceway 616-691-7221

                    CHICAGO, IL  60630-0066



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21st Annual Team Chicago/Grattan Raceway Roadracing School

 This School is for those interested in street riding improvement and racing technique and licensing.

All riders will be divided into five groups.

Group 1:  Riders with racing experience (roadrace, dirt track, motocross, etc.), interested in obtaining a roadracing license. All size motorcycles.

Group 2:  Riders with no racing experience, but desire to race, motorcycles over 750cc

Group 3:  Riders with no racing experience, but desire to race, motorcycles 600 cc.

Group 4:  Riders with no racing experience, but desire to race, motorcycles under 600 cc.

Group 5:  Riders with no racing experience and without complete safety gear.

 The racing technique class is designed for those thinking about racing. The primary topics will be bike setup, safety, racing technique, track etiquette and starting procedures. The requirements for this class will be:

1.        Each rider will provide his/her own motorcycle

2.        Each motorcycle must have all lights and lenses taped as well as mirrors and side stand removed. In addition, all fluid carrying lines, hoses, plugs, etc. will be safety wired.

3.        Absolutely no ethylene-glycol (green anti-freeze).

4.        Each rider will be required to wear full racing protection to include full leather suit, back protector, leather gloves, above the ankle leather boots and DOT and/or SNELL approved full-face helmet.

Certified completion of this class will be valid towards a WERA Roadracing (WERA) and an American Historic Racing Motorcycles Assoc. (AHRMA) licenses with their separate requirement.

 GROUP 5 is open to the general motorcyclist public. The requirements for this class are as follows:

1.        Each rider will provide his/her own motorcycle

2.        Each motorcycle must have all lights and lenses taped and mirrors removed. OIL DRAIN PLUG MUST BE SAFETY WIRED.

3.        Each rider will be required to wear at least a leather jacket, DOT approved helmet, gloves, above the ankle boots and long pants.

4.        Desire to ride and have fun

No Gate fee for pre-entries,  $5.00 for spectators, Post entries will pay $85.00 at Gate

Schedule of events:

·          7:00 AM             Track opens

·          7:00-8:00 AM     Additional morning registration (everyone must report to tech garage)

·          8:00 AM             Track walk begins beginning with Group 1, etc., (with instructors.)

·          10:00 AM           Report to assigned class room.

·          12:00 PM           Track time begins, rotating groups.

Optional rain and snow date will be Sunday, April 6, 2014. If school is held on Saturday, there will be an open practice on Sunday for licensed and certified riders.

 Sunday practice Fee payable to track management.

 If you have any question concerning this Roadracing School, you may call any of the following telephones number. If you want a call back, leave your number so it can be understood. Otherwise, no call back!!!!

Team Chicago                   e-mail to :

Grattan Raceway         616-691-7221




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