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January 30, 2008

 Dear Dan,

You are ABSOLUTELY correct regarding Global Warming.
There was a science show on recently stating it is a natural occurrence that occurs periodically in the earth's history. It has no real connection with the carbon cycle of the earth. Global Warming has occurred for millions of years so the emissions of automobiles, etc., has no effect. The output of carbon does not cause Global Warming.
I also agree with you on all the ice melting and NOT causing massive floods. As you stated water expands when frozen therefore taking less space when melted. It's a common belief that 75% of an iceberg is underwater so when all the icebergs melts it would mean that water levels should actually fall to fill the underwater area the icebergs once occupied.
Scientists have also tracked global climatic catastrophes and determined that every 26 million years the earth goes through a climatic catastrophe. The last one occurred about 12 million years ago so we should be OK for our lifetime. They are also studying the idea that there may be a sister sun to our sun and it only comes close to our solar system every 26 million years. They say this may account for the weather problems. Unfortunately I don't recall the name of the show but it aired over the past few months.
I wonder if Al Gore came up with the idea of Global Warming the same day he invented the Internet. 

Bob Przybylinski

  I want to thank you for your letter. I believe that when Al Gore lost the election, he disappeared, grew a beard, smoked some 'huge rudy's' and dreamt up this global warming stuff.     



January 15, 2008


I just wanted to say thanks for the Ace Cycle World Memories. My Dad worked in the Parts department on Saturdays there when I was a Kid, and I would hang out now and then, Spending my Saturdays poking around in the parts, Or taking mock “Rides” on the parked bikes in the Warehouse, Or generally hanging about. My Dad was good friends with all there, including Bob Van Skike, and Billy Von Esser (My dad grew up with Billy) Your article brought back so many memories of my “Mis-spent youth” hanging out at the Motorcycle Shop as we called it, And I remember Basil, and the Salesmen, and Jack, and Pete Hashimoto, and just what a cool place it was at the time. If you ever see Bob Van Skike or Billy Von Esser, tell them Pete Skony’s son says Hello.


Frank Skony

Yes, those were the great old days. I want to hear some more of the good stories from Ace Cycle World. Please mail them in. I am fortunate that I can hang around 4 & 6 Racing (now located in the Elk Grove Village Area). It is almost as much fun and a good number of folks that worked at Ace, worked at 4 &  6.


4&6 RACING, 2448 E. Oakton St., Arlington Hts., IL 60005  PHONE: 847.357.1319

Basil Proskin, owner of Ace Cycle World, and top salesman, Bob 'Schaubuggy' Schaumburg, at the Legends' Brunch a couple of years ago. 

Keep Basil in your prayers as he continues to battle cancer.  DS

SUBJECT: DVD Copies  December 5, 2007


 You may remember me, I won some AMA/CCS Regionals in ‘91 and was wondering if you had copies from that year and some from 1992 and 1993. If you could e-mail me a list of what you have from those years it would be greatly appreciated as I have no decent video at all from that part of my life. I would love to show my friends and family. They never saw me race.


 Jim Will  

 Dear Jim,

Yes, I remember you, that fast guy from Muskegon. I am putting together a list of shows from those years that I will e-mail to you. Check the television section of this website and look through the years. Some years I have better descriptions of the shows that other years. I hope to have the entire list done sometime this year. It is great to hear from you. Do you have any great stories from those years? photos? send them to me...........





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