Team Chicago is a National Team racing the WERA National Endurance Series Team Chicago Challenge is a weekly motorcycle racing television show.

Open Road Radio started in January, 1997.

Open Road Radio was the creation of Gina Woods, Kris TigerLady and Santo Procenti. The first broadcast came from Highland Park, Illinois. Dan Schmitt was invited to handle the 'Sports' broadcast and Bones from Illinois Harley-Davidson came on board with the 'tech' stuff. From Highland Park, the show moved to Arlington Heights and then Elgin. A Saturday morning show was tried Downtown Chicago. 'Biker Bob' and his wife Elaine and Jim Viverito came on board when the show moved to Elgin. 

During this time it was syndicated and broadcast nationwide. Dan Schmitt in his racing travels would listen to the show while traveling across the country. Twice he called in his 'sports report' while listening to the show locally. (Cheyenne, WY and Houston, TX) The show moved to 105.9 FM (WCKG), Sunday nights in 2001. It is now on Sunday mornings in Chicago on 99.9 FM at 11:00 AM.

Dan Schmitt and Santo Procenti

Bones and Dan

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