Team Chicago is a National Team racing the WERA National Endurance Series Team Chicago Challenge is a weekly motorcycle racing television show.



#243 Ice Race Seminar on the Track:  At Loon Lake, Illinois, we let some of the students try ice racing for the first time.  (1993)

  #244 Rebuilding 4-Cylinder Engine Part 2:  We split the cases and remove the crank and look at the transmission.  (1993)

  #245 Ice Racing ’93 Lake Wisconsin:  We travel just north of Madison, Wisconsin and check out motorcycles, quads and cars ice racing.  (1993)

  #246 Ice Racing ’93 Beloit, Wisconsin Part 1:  We look at the heat races at this ice race in the City of Beloit, and talk to some of the racers.  (1993)

  #247 Ice Racing ’93 Beloit, Wisconsin Part 2:  We talk to more of the racers and check out the racing action in the finals and Dash for Cash.  (1993)

  #248 Indiana State Championship Ice Race ’93 Part 1:  We look at the heat race action and talk to some of the local racers including one that is 84 years old.  (1993)

  #249 Indiana State Championship Ice Race ’93 Part 2:  We talk to some more of the racers and check out the racing action for the State Championships.  (1993)

  #250 1993 International Motorcycle Show:  At the motorcycle show at the Rosemont Expo Center, Illinois, we unveil the Team Chicago race bikes and talk to some of the participants.  (1993)

  #251 Restoring 1956 Vespa Part 3:  We return to Vespa of Chicago and continue to take apart the engine and look at some vintage scooters.  (1993)

  #252 Rebuilding 4-Cylinder Engine Part 3:  Mike Golden at $&^ Cycle disassembles the head and cuts new valve seats.  (1993)

  #253 Restoring 1956 Vespa Part 4:  Ron continues to take the Vespa engine apart and talks about the crank.  We also look at some old Vespas.  (1993)

  #254 Rebuilding 4-Cyliner Engine Part 4:  We start to assemble the head with valves and sprints, check clearances and explain cutting seats.  (1993)

 #255 Rebuilding 4-Cyliner Engine Part 5:  We explain the crank, bearings and connecting rods, and watch footage of racing under the Thunder Dome.  (1993)

  #256 Rebuilding 4-Cyliner Engine Part 6:  We assemble the transmission and explain how the gears work together.  (1993)  

  #257 FREE Riders’ School at Grattan Raceway:  April 3, 1993,Kevin Graham explains how to ride Grattan, Mike Cheff explains rider attitude, Steve Karson shows how to safety wire the bike, and I show the flags as we instruct 40 students in the art of motorcycle racing.

#258 Grattan ’93 Race 1 Part 1:  April 10-11, 1993, We check out the 25-lap GTO and GTU races and at 4 & 6 Racing in Chicago we install fork springs and spacers. The riders we interview include Greg Gibson, Jim Will and Steve Kok. Two of the students interviewed from the TC School are Rad Greaves and Leonard Love, both sponsored by Mr. Roof.

#259 Grattan ’93 Race 1 Part 2:  April 10-11, 1993. With the rain, sleet and snow falling in West Michigan, we watch four races on Sunday.  We interview Canadians Kevin Graham and Linney Clark. 

  #260 Road America ’93 Part 1:  April 17-18, 1993. We look at a few races and talk to some of the racers at Road American in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

  #261 Road America ’93 Part 2:   April 17-18, 1993. We continue to check out Sunday’s races and talk to more of the competitors.  We also talk to one of the Seca Racers and watch this Yamaha-sponsored event.  (1993)

#262 Blackhawk ’93 Race 1 Part 1:  May 8-9, 1993. We watch the racing action in four 28-lap GTO and GTU races and we change the chain on the FZR 600. 

#263 Blackhawk ’93 Race 1 Part 2:  May 8-9, 1993. We talk to three novice racers and look at the Sunday 9-lap sprint races. 

#264 Vintage Half-Mile Racing at I-96 Speedway:  May, 1993. With the help of Wyoming Community TV, we cover half-mile dirt track racing and I race the Triumph. 

#265 Blackhawk ’93 Race 2 Part 1:  June 5-6, 1993. We check out the 25-lap GTO and GTU races and talk to some of the racers.  We interview David Brown from Detroit. 

#266 Blackhawk ’93 Race 2 Part 2:  June 5-6, 1993. We look at the sprint races at Blackhawk Farms and conduct interviews with racers from Woodfield Cycle and Gordon Lundy, Senior and Junior.  (1993)

  #267 Grattan ’93 Race 2 Part 1:  June 12-13, 1993. We cover the 25-lap GTO and GTU races, install a Factory Jet Kit and interview some of the racers.  (1993)

  #268 Grattan ’93 Race 2 Part 2:  June 12-13, 1993. We watch the twins races and Seca Race, talk to a Seca rider and one of the members of the West Michigan Sport Bike Club from Kalamazoo.

#269 MegaCross ’93:  June, 1993. We travel to the fairground at Mendota, Illinois and watch this stadium motocross event. 

  #270 Grattan ’93 Race 3 Part 1:  We look at the combined GTO race. Then Dan Schmitt explains the difference between a SuperBike and a SuperSport bike. Back at 4 & 6 Racing on Montrose in Chicago the Team Chicago FZR is put on the dyno. We then look at the Expert GTU and the Amateur GTU races, plus we talk to four members of the safety crew.

#271 Grattan ’93 Race 3 Part 2:  July 3-4, 1993. A few of the races covered include the two twin’s races, MW SuperBike, MW SuperSport and Unlimited GP. A talk to Dane Waily from Wisconsin and Dave Moon from MCC in Villa Park, Illinois. Steve Karson and Dave Hendrickson ride the Team Chicago FZR 600’s. I capture one great high-side crash before the bowl and one unique crash in the hairpin where one of the bikes stays standing..

#272 National at I-96 Speedway ’93:  July 17, 1993. We interview National #1, Chris Carr, as well as Steve Morehead, and cover completely the 883 Race and the National Half-Mile.  

#273 Blackhawk ’93 Race 3 Part 1:  July 24-25, 1993. We interview vintage racers, Englishman Stu Rogers and Santa Fe racer Pat McHenry, and watch the vintage races. 

#274 Blackhawk ’93 Race 3 Part 2:  July 24-25, 1993. We check the Yamaha SuperBike on the dyno and watch the 8-lap sprint races.

  #275 Lake County SuperCross Part 1:  July 28, 1993. We look at the heat races at this race held at the Lake County Fairgrounds and interview the announcer, Al Tucci.  

#276 Lake County SuperCross Part 2:  July 28, 1993. We check out the finals at the 4-camera shoot event, and Nicole Duax interviews three of the racers. 

#277 Ducati Weekend at Grattan Raceway ’93:  July 31-August 1, 1993. We ride a few of the European bikes and talk to the third largest Ducati dealer, plus we travel to Columbus, Ohio for the Hinds SportBike Night and National GTU race from Mid-Ohio. (August 7, 1993).  

#278 TT Racing at I-96 Speedway:  August 14, 1993. We race in and look at this T.T. race held on a Sunday afternoon at this track located between Lansing and Grand Rapids, Michigan.  

#279 Blackhawk ’93 Race 4 Part 1:  August 21-22, 1993. We show how to properly install a shock on the Yamaha FZR 600 and talk to Art Barta, vintage racer, and watch a vintage race and then the 25-lap GTO and GTU races. 

#280 Blackhawk ’93 Race 4 Part 2:   August 21-22, 1993. We watch the races in the rain and some spectacular crashes, and we interview a few racers.  

#281 Grattan ’93 Race 4 Part 1:   August 28-29, 1993. We dyno test the SuperSport and check out synthetic oil and watch the four Vintage National Races.  

#282 Grattan ’93 Race 4 Part 2:   August 28-29, 1993. With the rain falling, we interview Jeff Vos and National Star, Steve Patterson, and watch a few of the races. 

#283 Vintage National at I-96 Speedway:  September 4, 1993. We interview John Phillips and Gary Brennon, and watch the heats and finals at this vintage motorcycle race.  (1993)

#284 Blackhawk ’93 Race 5 Part 1:  September 11-12, 1993. We set the sag for the rear shock, watch Dave finish third in Amateur GTU, and watch the other 28-lap races.  (1993)

#285 Blackhawk ’93 Race 5 Part 2:  September 11-12, 1993. We interview Tom Girard and Dave Hendrickson, and watch the sprint races in South Beloit, Wisconsin.  (1993)  

#286 Grattan ’93 Race 5 Part 1:  September 25-26, 1993. We watch the 25-lap GTO and GTU races with Dave leading Amateur GTU until it rains, and we read from Roadracing World. 

  #287 Grattan ’93 Race 5 Part 2:  September 25-26, 1993.We check out the Sunday sprint races, change the fork and spring pacers, and interview Kevin Graham, the Torco Oil/Grattan Gran Prix champ. 

  #288 FREE School and Ducati Engines:  October 2, 1993. We watch the Free Riders’ School at Grattan put on by the members of the West Michigan Sport Bike Club and go to MCC in Villa Park, Illinois to explain how Desmo heads on a Ducati work. 

#289 Last Enduro and Vintage Motorcycles:  October 2, 1993. We ride the Bitter End Enduro in Morrison, Illinois and look at Vintage Harley-Davidsons at Illinois H-D in Berwyn, Illinois. 

  #290 Two-Strokes and Wheels:  We begin to rebuild a front spool wheel and take apart the 490 Yamaha engine, reading from Roadracing World.  (1993)

  #291 Legends of Chicagoland Racing ’93:  November, 1993. We cover this brunch honoring some of the old-timers and look at some vintage racing footage. 

  #292 Ice Racing Seminar ’93:  Larry Piekos and Don Waldbuesser explain how to get into ice racing and set up your motorcycle.  (1993)

#293 Northwest Indiana’s Motorcycle Museum:  We travel to North Judson, Indiana to Jim Kersting’s Harley-Davidson dealership to look at his collection of old motorcycles.  (1993)




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