Team Chicago is a National Team racing the WERA National Endurance Series Team Chicago Challenge is a weekly motorcycle racing television show.

Shows produced during 1996

#392, 3-Hour Ice Race Endurance, Part 1, January, 1996, At Lake Koskonong in Wisconsin, we look at the start and the first hour of this endurance ice race.  This is the first one recorded by T.C. Riding the Team Chicago Yamaha WR-250 are George Mack, Tim Farrell and Dan Schmitt. At the start of the race, Tim Farrell run at the front. There are three classes of motorcycles, 0-125, 126-250 and Open. Over forty teams are battling for trophies and prizes.

 #393, 3-Hour Ice Race Endurance, Part 2, January, 1996, In part two, the final one and one-half hours are covered with updates. After George Mack rides the bike, we interview him. After the checkered flag flies, the trophy presentation is shown.

 #394, Ice Racing with SWIRA, January,1996, This show has the racing action from Lake Wisconsin with the Southern Wisconsin Ice Race Association.


#395, Antigo í96 Race 1, January, 1996, This show covers the night race on Saturday. Some of the races broadcast include: Open heats, 3-wheelers unstudded heats, Open and 250 bike consy race, Pro Quads, Senior Pro, Pro 3-wheelers, 250 and Open Pro bike finals.

 #396, Antigo í96 Race 2, January, 1996. On Sunday during the day another complete day of racing with S.W.I.R.A. Heats shown include: Open, Senior and 250 Pro bikes plus unstudded 3-wheelers. We interview Shane Krueger, on of the Antigo Wheelmen, the promoting club. The finals include: Pro quad studded, mini quads, 80cc & 200cc bikes, Senior, Senior Pro and the Open pro bikes.

 #397, 1996 International Motorcycle Show, February, 1996, In Rosemont, Illinois, we look at some of the new models and talk to some of the participants.

 #398, Ice Race, Lake Poygan í96. January, 1996, Racing with the Southern Wisconsin Ice Racing Assoc., we race in front of the Duck Inn on Lake Poygan. Some of the heat action include the 125ís, studded quads, seniors and open quads. We interview Rob Vandermoss. The final action include Open Quads, Open twin bikes, 250 quads, unstudded quads, 125 and open bikes and the Senior class.

#399, Ice Race, Lodi í96, January, 1996, Racing with the S.W.I.R.A. we capture the action on this lake south of Madison, Wisconsin. The heat races we show are: Open Class, TT Pro, Unstudded 4-wheels and the amateur 250s. We interview Joe Zurek from Chesterton, Indiana. The final are: miniís, mini quads, unstuddud 3-wheels, Open Pro, 250 Pro and the amateur 250 class.

 #400, Oshkosh Winterfest í96, February, 1996, At this winterfest held on Lake Winnebago, first a few of the heat races are covered: 125, 250A, unstudded quads, Twins A and the 250A quads. The interviews are  with Joey Tomacic and Randy Klemmerr of Team Rescue.  The finals shown include: 125 & 250 amateur, 250A and unstudded quads, the senior class, twins B and Open A.

#401, Ice Race, LaPorte, Part 1, February, 1996, On this ice track located just north of LaPorte, Indiana, the heat races are shawn including: 0-200 outrigger, 200-500 outrigger, open outrigger with the gang from Kerstingís racing, 0-200 Bike, 250 bike, the Darst Memorial race and the Senior class.

 #402, Ice Race, LaPorte, Part 2, February, 1996, The finals are covered including: 0-200 outrigger, open outrigger, 250 bike, Open bike and the 0-200 bike. Jason Kersting is interviewed.

 #403, AHRMA at Daytona, Part 1, March 4-5, 1996 We check out some of the motocross action from a track located west of Daytona, I believe.  I interview Giacomo Augustini multi-time world champion, at the annual banquet. Then we check out some short-track racing at a night National with this vintage group.

#404, AHRMA at Daytona, Part 2, March 4-5, 1996, More flat-tarck racing is covered including the 750 class, 250 class, Dino class, Class C, and the 500 single race. We take a look at Main Street and the beach at Daytona Beach. At the banquet, I interview Jim Redman, former world champion and factory Honda rider. A really nice guy and great interview.

 #405, FREE Roadrace School í96, March 30, 1996, Starting with the track walk, we move on to the classrooms where Steve Karson shows how to safety wire, Frank and Kuntae talk about rider safety and safe gear to wear. The Team Chicago Helmet-camera captures some of the track footage.


#406, Spring Practice í96, edited 4/9/96. Gingerman Raceway was brand-new and  located about 15 miles east of Lake Michigan outside South Haven, Michigan. With  the riders of the West Michigan Sportbike Club, we test at the track. Eric Nackie, the founder of Great Lake Road Racing Asso. (GLRRA) is interviewed. Back at 4 & 6 Racing in Chicago, Jim Rashid conducts a seminar for suspension set-up, ďHow to set the SagĒ.

 #407, Trail Riding Spring í96, edited 4/16/96, Riding at Buffalo Range, we look at some of the trails, talk to Tim Diedweiler of North Illinois Trial Riders Organization (NITRO) about their upcoming event. The Team Chicago Tech Tip shows how to install rear and front brake pads on the Yamaha WR 250. At the end of the show, we go to Al Philipí s World Gym at Montrose and Broadway in Chicago and look at the good number of vintage bikes there. Al was one of the original members of the Team Chicago roadrace team.

#408, 1st WERA Roadrace 1996. edited 4/23/96, At Gingerman Raceway, the first WERA roadrace of the season in the Midwest is held. Races include: Novice MW SupreStock, Vintage 5 & 3,  and Expert MW SupreStock. Kevin Leinman from West Michigan is interviewed. And back at A-1 Auto in River Grove, Illinois, Dave Kyehole , the owner, is interviewed about the engine put in Dan Schmitt Ford F-150 pick-up.

 #409, Grattan í96, Race 1, April 6-7, 1996. At Grattan Raceway in Michigan, we check out the LWGP and Harley-Davidson class,  Race 3 and 11, the big-twins and the Unlimited GP.  

#410, WERA Natíl Road Atlanta, Part 1, May 4, 1996, At this endurance race the first two hours are covered. Back at 4 & 6 Racing, the Micron pipe is installed and Jim Rashid dynos the bike.  Dave Hendrickson crashed the Team Chicago YZF 600 coming out of turn two as a bike goes down right in front of him. This great crash footage is captured on the Team Chicago Helmet-camera. More action is shown at the track and Guy Jones is interviewed.  

 #411, WERA Natíl Road Atlanta, Part 2, May 4-5, 1996, In this show the final two hours are covered and Joe Ball is interviewed. Our Team Chicago Tech Tip is from Steve Brubaker of Race Tire Service. The Sunday sprints race covered are Open SuperStock, Novice SuperStock and MW GP.

 #412, AHRMA Natíl Putnam Park, May 11-12, 1996 In this show we cover both the motocross action in the field and action on the roadcourse. Of the vintage motocross races we look at race 6, 7, 4 and 10. We talk to Doug Schlitz, a rider from Michigan City, Indiana and rider of a 250 Honda. The four roadraces that are broadcast include: 750 SP, 350 GP, 500 Premiere and  BEARS.

#413, WERA Natíl Summit Point, Part 1, May 25, 1996 Summit Point Raceway is located 60 miles northwest of Washing, D.C. We watch the start of this endurance race and some of the action. Dan Schmitt interviews Dave Aldana, star of the movie, ĎOn Any Sundayí, and a rider with Team Valvoline. The Team Chicago Tech Tip shows how to mount a fiberglass fairing on the race bike.

#414, WERA Natíl Summit Point, Part 2, May 25, 1996, In the second part of these shows, the end of the race is shown, the trophy presentation and in the Team Chicago Tech Tip, I continue to show installing the AirTech fairing on the Team Chicago Yamaha.

#415, WERA Natíl Gingerman, Part 1, June 7, 1996, Gingerman Roadcourse is located just east of South Haven, Michigan. The first two hours of this four-hour race are included. Steve Karson takes the start of the race. The Team Chicago Tech Tip shows how to properly paint fiberglass. With the Team Chicago Helmet-camera, the course is show and the show concludes with racing action.

 #416, WERA Natíl Gingerman, Part 2, June 7-8, 1996, The conclusion of this four-hour race is shown with more helmet-camera action. Paul Youngman from Semhoff Brothers Racing is interviewed. The 125 and 750 Sprint races are shown from Sunday.


#417 AHRMA Natíl Grattan, Part 1, June 15-16, 1996, This events has both roadracing and motocross action. On the roadcourse we observe the Dino class, 250 GP, 500 GP, Modified Open, the Dino final, and on the motocross track we look at race 11, 12, 21 and 24, the Premier Lightweight Experts.

#418, AHRMA Natíl Grattan Part 2, June 15-16, 1996, In part two of these two shows, we continue to watch some vintage motocross action and then on the roadcourse we cover Premier 500, Dino race and the Bears, which is British and European bikes.


#419, WERA Natíl Grattan, Part 1, June 22-23, 1996. The first four hours of this 6-hour race are covered. Steve Karson rides the first hour and Dan Schmitt rides the second hour with the Team Chicago Helmet-camera.

#420, WERA Natíl Grattan, Part 2, June 22-23, 1996. The last two hours are shown. Craig Randell rides with Team Chicago and Dan rides to the end with the helmet-camera. The two Sunday sprint races are 1100 Expert  SuperStock and 600 Novice SuperBike.


#421, GLRRA at Gingerman, June, 1996. With this Michigan based organization, we cover the races and talk to some of the racers. Lee Rigozzi and Jeff Kramer are interviewed. Races include: Amateur 600, small twins and Expert 600. The Urals motorcycle is checked out at 4 & 6 Racing in Chicago.

 #422, AHRMA Natíl Peoria, Part 1. This show start with some of the motocross action on Saturday followed with some of the trials footage including section 5, 6 and 7. Tom Boyd of the Peoria Motorcycle Club is interviewed.

 #423, AHRMA Natíl Peoria, Part 2.  The action moved to the Sunday TT races. Heat covered include the Dino class and tow of the 650 heats. Bert Sanders, the Director of Racing, is interviewed. Some old footage with Larry Meier is shown and the show ends with the Over 50 final.

 #424, WERA Natíl Indy, Part 1, July 13-14, 1996. The first three hours of this race are shown with the addition footage from the Team Chicago Helmet-camera. This track is located just west of Indianapolis and contains the world famous drag strip.

#425, WERA Natíl Indy, Part 2, July 13-14, 1996. The race is concluded with more helmet-camera action. Phil Shilling from Canada is interviewed and the Sunday sprint races,  11, 3 and 6, are shown

 #426, Grattan í96, Race 3. At this track in West Michigan, the Sunday sprint races are shown. HW SuperStock Expert, TW S Twins, HW SuperStock Amateur, Unlimited SuperBike Expert and American Twins. Boyd Bruner is interviewed.

#427, GLRRA at Grattan. With the group from West Michigan, we cover some of their roadraces including Am. MW SC, HW SuperBike and the Open class. Kuntae Kim is interviewed.

 #428, AHRMA at Mid-Ohio, Part 1, July 19-21, 1996 The motocross track was built in the center of the roadcourse. We cover five races including Fred Klingís race. After a few comments from the competitiors, we look at some of the trials footage.

#429, AHRMA at Mid-Ohio, Part 2 , July 19-21, 1996. More of the trials action is covered and a few of the roadraces are watched including 500 Premiere, Bears and twins. Using a Triumph from M.C.C., Dan tries to keep up with John Surtee on the track on his x-factory MV Agusta with the Team Chicago Helmet-camera.

 #430, WERA Natíl Putnam Park, Part 1, August 10, 1996, This is a 6-hour race held at this new track located 40 miles southwest of Indianapolis. After the start and the first hour wrap-up, Dan Schmitt rides with the Team Chicago Helmet-camera during the second hour. Grant Lopez is interviewed and Craig Randell rides the third hour.

 #431, WERA Natíl Putnam Park, Part 2, August 10-11, 1996. Steve Karson rides the fourth hour and then Dan takes over again. Each hour is wrapped up and the race ends on schedule. The Sunday races covered are the 125 GP and 750 SuperStock.

 #432, Ducati Weekend at Grattan, August, 1996. Ducati owners invade Grattan Raceway for this event that is a track day for owners of European and Italian motorcycles.

 #433, WERA Natíl Memphis, September 7, 1996. The WERA National from Memphis Motorsports Park. This track is center around the drag strip but present a few good turns. The Team Chicago Helmet-camera bring the action forward to the audience.

 #434, Lake County SuperCross, Part 1, July, 1996 This motocross stadium event is in the Lake County Fairgrounds in Grayslake, Illinois. The heat race action is covered.

 #435, Lake County SuperCross, Part 2, July, 1996 The speeds increase as the final events come to the line. See some of the fastest motocrossers in the Midwest.  

#436, WERA Natíl Texas, September 21, 1996 This race is at Texas World Speedway. The four-hour race is covered with action on the track and in the pits. With the Team Chicago YZF twisted after the first fourteen laps and no helmet-camera footage, this event is covered in only one show. Dan Schmitt interviews Brian Jones and Roger Bell.


#437, WERA GNF Road Atlanta, Part 1, October 11-13, 1996 The final 4-Hour National Endurance is shown. In this show three hours are covered. Dan Schmitt takes the start with the Team Chicago Helmet-camera. The Team Chicago Tech Tip covers rebuilding the forks and installing the RaceTech Emulators. The helmet-camera in the side box on screen is used  in this show. Brian Lantz rides with Team Chicago.

#438 WERA GNF Road Atlanta, Part 2, October 11-13, 1996. The final hour is covered and some of the weekend National and Suzuki races are shown including: a 125 endurance, 750 Suzuki Cup Final, 750 Novice SuperStock and 600 Expert SuperStock.

 #439 Grattan Free Roadrace School, October, 1996 This free school was held in the fall. After the track walk, Frank Fisher and Tommy Chapman talk about proper rider attitude and proper safety gear.  We watch Donna Fisher on the track and in the pits. Bikes are shown on the track, there is a Dunlop Tire Tech Tip and some vintage footage is used.

#440, Dirt Riding, Fall í96, This show contains some lesson on dirt riding including turning, stopping, woops, more woops and some jumps.

 #441, Dirt Riding, Fall í96,  This show has the start of an enduro after the ridersí meeting. Some great vintage footage shown is from the Peoria Motorcycle Club annual Turkey run in 1947. Some trials riding is included.




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