Team Chicago is a National Team racing the WERA National Endurance Series Team Chicago Challenge is a weekly motorcycle racing television show.

Shows produced during 2001 

 #648, 1st Ice Race of the Century, January 7, 2001.  In front of the Sunset Tavern in Wisconsin, the first motorcycle ice race was held on Saturday night January 6th, 2001. All the heat race action is shown with some of the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera capturing the action. A quick interview with Jeff Fredette and we get into the finals.

#649, Ice Racing Lake Wisconsin, Race 1, January 7, 2001. The first race of the Southern Wisconsin Ice Race Association was held after the great struggle with the heavy snow and thin ice. Over 250 racers raced in 25 classes for ATV's and motorcycles. We show some of the heats and final action with an interview with Marty Bushman and his sons.

#650, No Ice Race Sunday, January 14, 2001. With all organizations in Wisconsin canceling their races. We show some riders playing on the ice. We travel back in time to show motorcycle ice racing from the late '50's, the '30's and a motorcycle enduro for the 1930's.

 #651, 3-Hour Ice Race Enduro, Part 1, January 21, 2001. In front of the Sunset Tavern in Wisconsin on Lake Koshkonong this annual National Championship race kicked off at 12:00 Noon. 32 teams entered this event divided into 3 classes; Lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight. Changing riders and making pits stop for fuel, we follow the action with comments from some of the racers. Both the Team Chicago and Bill Gusse Helmet Cameras capture additional action.

#652, 3-Hour Ice Race Enduro, Part 2, January 21, 2001. The conclusion of this 3-Hour National Endurance ice race. As the team battle for position, the battle continues to 3:00 PM when the checkered flag is flown. The trophy presentation is shown.

#653, Saturday Night Ice Race, Race 4,  January 27, 2001As the sun set over Lake Koshkonong in front of the Sunset Tavern, the motorcycle racing action begins. Eight classes of motorcycle race in heats and finals. The action packed Dash for Cash concludes this week's show.

#564, Ice Racing Lake Wisconsin, Race 4,  January 28, 2001. On Lake Wisconsin in front of the Bay View Lodge, the Southern Wisconsin Ice Racing Assn. held their fourth race of the season. The heat race action includes: Mini-Bikes, Mini-Quads, Expert Quads on oval, 250 Pro, Open Pro Quads TT, Pro Bike TT, 4-Stroke Unstudded Quads on TT. The Finals include: School Age Bikes, Unstudded TT, Sportman bike TT, Pro Oval, Women's and Sportman bike on the oval.

#565, Oshkosh Winter-Fest, Part 1, February 4, 2001. This fundraiser for the Otto Street Fishery promotes the most popular ice race of the season. Thousands of spectators come to see the action on Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin. We check out the heat race action in the 80's, 250 Pro, School-age, Open Pro and Sportsman for motorcycles and mini, unstudded 4-stroke & TT for the quads. The Team Chicago Helmet Camera catches the action on the oval and the TT course.

 #566, Oshkosh Winter-Fest, Part 2, February 4, 2001. For the Finals, the race action from Oshkosh, Wisconsin includes 80's, Twins, 250 Pro, Open Pro, TT, School-age, and +30 Sportsman. Quad racing includes: Studded TT, School-age, 4-stroke Unstudded and Mini.

 #557, Ice Racing Antigo Race 1, February 17, 2001, Night race action from the Langlade County Fairgrounds, on this big half-mile presents the fastest ice racing in the world. Heat race action include Open Pro, Pro Vet, 4-str. Quad and C Rubber. The Finals include Open Pro, 250 Pro, 80's and 250B with helmet Camera. Quad action includes, PW, Open Pro, Pro Rubber and GP.

#558, Ice Racing Antigo Race 2, February 18, 2001. Bright sunshine bring daytime racing in Antigo, Wisconsin. Heat racing action includes Open Pro, 250 Pro, Open Pro Quads, Jr. ATV and Pro Rubber. The Finals include Open Pro, 4-Str. Pro, PW's, Vet Pro, Pro Rubber, Vet B, 80's, 200 B and Vet B and GP with Team Chicago helmet Camera. The GP rubber class is also shown.

 #559, United Off-Road Racing Race 3, March 11, 2001. With frost just a few inches below the surface, this third race of the twenty race series of off-road racing in Western Illinois starts with the 60 cc youngsters. We check out the 80 cc race and with the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera we start the big race. What may seem impossible to ride over, the experienced racers of this series show their stuff.

#660, United Off-Road Racing, Race 4, March 18, 2001. Starting with the 50cc class and these young riders, we then cover the 60 cc class and the 80 cc class. We watch the future stars of Off-Road racing. See we are in Western Illinois, we check out the birth-place of Ronald Reagan, Tampico, Illinois and his childhood house in Dixon, Illinois. The show concludes with the motorcycles and ATV's on this track just south of Prophetstown.

#661, WERA Nat値 Texas World, Part 1, March 31-April 1, 2001. The WERA National Endurance for the 2001 season kicks off in Texas. Over 30 teams lined up to challenge this 6-hour race. The racing action is covered through the fourth hour. We meet the staff of Ice Motorsports, the local Dunlop racing tires distributor. The Team Chicago Yamaha R-6 runs great and the action is also covered by the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera.

#662, WERA Nat値 Texas World, Part 2, March 31-April 1, 2001Conclusion of the 6-Hour National in Texas. With Vesrah Racing picking up the win, Team Chicago finished 8th overall. David Swarts from Roadracing World delivers the rap-up. Coverage of the Sunday National Challenge races includes the Open, 600, 750 Expert SuperStock classes, the 125 GP race and the Novice 600 SuperStock race.

 #663, FREE Road Racing School Grattan, April 7, 2001.Team Chicago conducts this annual FREE Road Racing School at Grattan Raceway, 15 miles northeast of Grand Rapids, Michigan. After the track walk by the students and instructors, the class room instructions begin. The riders then take to the track to experience motorcycle roadracing.

 #664,FREE Off-Road School UORR, April 21, 2001. Working with Bill Gusse and United Off-Road Racing, Team Chicago learns the skills of off-road racing. With the help of some of the best off-road racers in the country, the students are shown different parts of this sport. From the MX track to racing in the woods, this school was a great success.

#665,Off-Road Riding, Spring 2001,April 28, 2001. Team Chicago's Dan Schmitt and Brandon Griffith ride the trails at the Bike Barn in Morrison, Illinois to test the skills learned at the school. We check out Buzz Walneck's motorcycle swap-meet held in Woodstock, Illinois and look at some Bill Gusse Helmet-Camera from the first UORR race held in February and racing in the snow.

#666, MEGACROSS, April 28, 2001.The first race of this eight race series held at the fairgrounds in Mendota, Illinois. Over 300 motocrossers from throughout the Midwest came to challenge this night race. We check out the action in the 50cc, 14-24 class, 80cc, 65cc, 125 Pro, 125C and the 250 Pro final.

#667, The Moose Run, Part 1,  May 13, 2001. The Saturday event is the 'FUN RUN'. We check out the action in the 50cc and the 65cc classes. Then the rest of the motorcycles start on the 8-mile loop. With the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera, we see some of the action. The Quads conclude this week's action.

#668, The Moose Run, Part 2,  May 13, 2001. The Sunday race is the toughest, baddest, hardest off-road race in the country. Held is western Illinois, only the toughest racers compete. With the four wave start, the action begins. Leaders are followed by the Bill Gusse Helmet-Cameras. Trophy presentation at the end.

#669, WERA Nat値 Talladega GP, Part 1, May 26-27, 2001Over 40 teams prepared for this four-hour National Endurance. We check out the start and follow the action. We interview Charlie Van Valkenburgh, owner of Pit Bull Motorcycle Stands. We look at the track and follow the action with the Team Chicago Helmet Camera.

#670, WERA Nat値 Talladega GP, Part 2, May 26-27, 2001.Checking out the final two hours, Team Chicago finishes third in class. David Swarts of raps up the race. Of the Sunday's National Challenge Sprint Races, we cover 600, 750 and Open Expert SuperStock, 750 Novice SuperStock and the 125 GP class.

 #671, WERA Nat値 Putnam Park, Part 1, June 2-3, 2001After the start of this 4-hour National Endurance, we watch the uncrating of the 2001 Yamaha R-6 at Cycle Sport Yamaha in Hobart, Indiana. After fixing the crashed Team Chicago Yamaha, Dan Schmitt takes to the track with the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera.

#672, WERA Nat値 Putnam Park, Part 2, June 2-3, 2001. While we watch the concluding 2 hours of this 4-hour race, we check out the painted new Airtech bodywork, at Steve's Motorcycle Bodywork and Painting in Chicago on Elston Avenue. David Swarts of raps up this 4 hour race. Of the WERA National Challenge races we cover Expert Open SS, 600 SS, 750 SS, 125 GP and Novice 750 SuperStock.

#673, WERA Nat値 Virginia, Part 1, June 16, 2007. Just outside Danville, Virginia, we watch the start of this 4-Hour National Endurance. After the start and as the team sort themselves out we travel to 4 & 6 Racing in Skokie, Illinois as Jim Rashid disassembles the R-6 forks to install Race Tech Products. We rap up after 2 hours of racing.

 #674, WERA Nat値 Virginia, Part 2, June 16, 2007. We check out the racing action in this WERA National at the 3 hour mark. Again we watch Jim Rashid of 4 & 6 Racing re-assemble the R-6 forks with the Race Tech Products. With the conclusion of this 4 hour race, Dave Swarts presents his rap-up.

#675,  WERA Nat値 Portland, Part 1, June 30-July 1, 2001In Portland, Oregon we race the fifth round of the WERA National Endurance Series. Located at Portland International Raceway, this track includes the drag-strip with a fast curving turn in the back. After the start of this 6-hour race, I interview Phil Caudill, the importer of Wintex M/C Garments. The action continues through the third hour.

#676,  WERA Nat値 Portland, Part 2, June 30-July 1, 2001.In this show the  final three hours of this 6-Hour race are shown.   Team Chicago finished 2nd in the Middleweight SuperStock Class. In the National Sprints races we look at the AMA Pro Thunder race, the Open SuperStock and the 600cc SuperStock races.


#677,  Parts Unlimited. Champ. Kahoka, MO, July 7, 2001.Third round of the Parts Unlimited Off-Road Championship was held in Kahoka, Missouri. We watch the start of this Saturday event. After the bikes take off, with the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera we check out the woods in Missouri. Bill Gusse, promoter of Series, interviews Mike McCork who owns the farm and the track where this event takes place. Following my grandson, Brandon Griffith, we rap up this event and look at the start of the quads.

 #678,  AHRMA Nat値 Ashland ス Mile, July 21, 2001. Including the riders' meeting, we receive some comments from riders and fans. We cover the heat races of the dinosaur class, classic 250, vets and seventy's singles. After a few more comments, with the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera, we record one of the plus 50 heats. After a few more comments the plus 50 semi is shown with Dan Schmitt winning with the Helmet-Camera. The action of the 250 class, Classic 60's and the Vet final are shown.

#679, WERA Nat値 Summit Point, Part 1, August 4-5, 2001Traveling to the far eastern end of West Virginia, the sixth race of the WERA National Series is held at Summit Point. After the start of this event and the first few laps, the Team Chicago Tech Tip show how to install a Regina Chain and Sprocket Specialist 520 sprocket. We conclude the show with action through the fourth hour.

 #680, WERA Nat値 Summit Point, Part 2, August 4-5, 2001. We conclude the coverage with pit-stops and a view with the Team Chicago Helmet Camera. The race is shorten with the rain falling. The Team Chicago Tech Tip shows how to install a Factory Jet Kit in the carburetors of the Yamaha R-6. The WERA National Challenge races shown are Open SuperStock, 600 SS for Experts and 600 SS for Novices. We also show the YSR-50 race.

#681, Summer Bummer Enduro, August 12, 2001. Riding a borrowed Kawasaki KDX-200 for Stevo of Xtreme Motorsports, I ride this mid-summer AMA enduro. Held in Roselawn, Indiana, this race is held by the Hill and Gully Riders. We ride the event with the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera and listen to comments from some of the 170 riders that met this off-road challenge.

#682, Boats, Babes & NASCAR, August 18, 2001. At the Sunset Tavern on Lake Koshkonong near Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, the same location where we ice race in the winter, we check out Boat Speed Runs. We observe the bikini contest also. Additionally, with the invitation of Amy Pentkowski, I drive a NASCAR at Chicagoland Speedway under the direction of The Racing Experience.

#683, Super Motard, YSR's & Vespas, September 3, 2001. At Bob's Speedway in Norway, Illinois, we cover the practice session held for Super Motards, Yamaha YSR's and Vespa scooters. This go-kart track provides an excellent venue for these different vehicles to race on

#684, Parts Unlimited. Champ. Neillsville, WI, September 8, 2001. Racing the Saturday event, we watch the 50's, 60's and the full-size motorcycle race on the wet track in the mid-Wisconsin woods. With the Team Chicago Helmet Camera this 8-mile track is shown.

#685, Sotheby's Auction and Roadog,  September 9, 2001This third annual Motorcycle Auction takes place on the near northside of Chicago. We check out the great motorcycles on both floors of Sotheby's and I talk to Buzz Walneck, owner of Roadog, the largest motorcycle ever built. An additional a 6-minute promo for Roadog is shown.

# 686, WERA Nat値 VIR Double Header, Part 1, September 22, 2001 As this race begins at 9:00 AM, the teams charge into the first corner. In the TEAM CHICAGO TECH TIP, we show how to install the Intuitive Frame Sliders. With some comments from the racers, this show ends at the end of the 2nd hour.

# 687, WERA Nat値 VIR Double Header, Part 2 September 22, 2001Team Pennzoil is victorious in the first 31/2 hour endurance. Chris Caylor, lead rider of Pennzoil, raps up the first race. At 3:00 PM the second endurance of the day starts. With a few more comments from the competitors, this show raps up in the second hour with footage from the TEAM CHICAGO HELMET CAMERA

#688, WERA Nat値 VIR Double Header, Part 3, September 22, 2001. After three and one-half hours of racing, Team Vesrah win in a commanding fashion. With a run-down of the points we return to 4 & 6 Racing in Skokie, Illinois to check out mixing paint in their new addition, Fastlane Painting. We conclude this show with the Sunday National Challenge Sprints races; Open SuperStock, 600 SS Novice, 750 SS Expert and 600 SS Expert.

Show #689, AHRMA Nat値 at Peoria 01, September 30, 2001. At the Peoria Motorcycle Club Clubgrounds just west of Peoria, Illinois, we start the day looking at the vintage trials event. Then the action begins on the world famous TT track. Looking at the '60's Classic and 250 Classic heating races, we talk to the owner of a great looking '74 flattracker from California. the final events covered include; Dino Class, Plus 50, Seventy Singles and Plus 60 Class. The feature black and white film from the 1948 National is included.

 Show #690, WORLD OF MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM, October 7, 2001, With radio personality, Kris TigerLady, we travel just 4 miles south of North Judson, Indiana to check out the World of Motorcycles Museum at Kersting's Harley-Davidson, Yamaha & Kawasaki. After checking out the inside of this museum, Jim & Randy Kersting, Kris and I ride some of these old bikes. 1965 DKW 50cc, 1934 BMW 250, 1937 Harley, 1914 Harley board track racer, and the 1910 Harley in original condition. I get to ride with bike with the TEAM CHICAGO HELMET CAMERA, so come along to enjoy the thrill.

#961, WERA GNF Road Atlanta, Part 1, October 26, 2001. The final National Endurance of the 2001 season kicked off at 12:00 Noon. As the teams sort themselves out, we listen to a few comments from the competitors. A red flag at 45 minutes in the race stops the action. With the Team Chicago Helmet Camera, the action continues through the second hour.

 #692, WERA GNF Road Atlanta, Part 2, October 26, 2001. As the action continues, a few more comments by the riders are videoed. After 4 hours of racing, it is Team Vesrah Suzuki winning, and picking up the Championship in this GMD Computrack WERA National Series. We check out the action in the Expert Open and 600cc SuperStock classes, the 125 GP class and the final event of the AMA Pro Thunder Class.

#693, Bitter End Enduro, November 4, 2001,The final Enduro of AMA District 17 starts at 10:00 AM on this beautiful Sunday morning in Western Illinois. Riding this event with the Team Chicago Helmet Camera, we show some of the action plus listen to some of the comments from the competitors including the hosting club, the Brush Poppers and one of the visiting clubs, the Hill & Gully Riders.

#694, Legends of Chgoland Motorcycle Racing Brunch, Part 1 November 25, 2001, This annual event brings together racers and fans of motorcycle racing from the Chicagoland area. After some of the racers introduced themselves, we check out some video footage from the 1996 AHRMA National from Peoria. One of the special guest is John Tibben. We watch the video production he brought with him.

#695, Legends of Chgoland Motorcycle Racing Brunch, Part 2, November 25, 2001. In second half of this annual event features the special guest, Gary Nixon. Gary was two-time AMA National Champion 1967 and 1968. He was the first rider to capture this championship for Triumph Motorcycles. While being interviewed, he tells about his racing career and living in Chicago from 1960 through 1966.  He stated that he raced at Santa Fe Speedway every Wednesday night throughout the summers. Pictures and a video clip complete this show.


#696, TOYS for TOTS Motorcycle Parade, December 2, 2001,This annual motorcycle parade bring together motorcyclist to bring toys to the needy at Christmas. They believe every child deserve a Christmas. With temperatures in the 40's this turn out to be the largest motorcycle parade ever in the world. Over 35,000 motorcyclists participated.

#697, ICE RACING 101, December 31, 2001,With an open frozen pond in DuPage County, Illinois, Dan Schmitt teaches his grandson, Brandon Griffith, and his friend, Phil Young, how to race motorcycles on ice. Starting with a small oval first they use only one gear, and then lengthening the track, they are shown how to race shifting gears.

 #700, SHOW #700, December 24, 2001, After producing television shows for the last fifteen years, Dan Schmitt produces his 700th show. Looking back over the last two season, clips form the three favorite endurance roadraces are shown. With a little clip of riding the 1910 Harley-Davidson, Dan rides the 1914 H-D Board track racer at the World of Motorcycles Museum in North Judson. And finally, a clip of Dan's sports spot on Open Road Radio with 2-time National Champion, Gary Nixon, offering his comments.



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