Team Chicago is a National Team racing the WERA National Endurance Series Team Chicago Challenge is a weekly motorcycle racing television show.


 #442, Fifty Years of Vespa, This show celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Vespa brand. I show some of the highlights from the shows I produced with Mr. Vespa, Ron Hedlund, back in the early 90ís.

#443, Ice Race Testing í97, In this show we take the bikes out to practice on the ice. Back in the shop we make the required fenders for ice racing. We conclude this show with highlights from the 1996 season.

 #444, AMA Amateur National Ice Race, Part 1, January 4-5, 1997 This is the show of the Saturday events including the 86-200 class, Rubber Sidecar, two 0-85ís classes, 250 Solo Rubber, plus 25 B, 250 Quad and the Senior class. We interview George Mack.

 #445, AMA Amateur National Ice Race, Part 2, January 4-5, 1997. This is the Sunday program. Some of the races we view include: Koldcutter B Final, 651 and up sidecar, unstudded quad, Open sidecar, 250A, Twins, 401-500 and the Kold Cutters $1500 pro final. We interview Jeff Fredette.

 #446, Beloit Winterfest, January 11, 1997.  This is the special event sponsored by Beloit Honda, Yamaha. We show the racing action including the 250 pros, miniís, senior, unstuded quads, 250 amateur, Vets, Open Am, Open Pro and studdud quads. We interview Bill Cavaulis, a racer, and Dick Kinzer from the Park District.

#447, 1997 International Motorcycle Show,  January 18, 1997.  This year we start by looking at the í97 model from all the top manufacturers. We interview Boyd Bruner and we look at footage of the radio show, Open Road Radio. We conclude the show by looking at the vintage bike on display.

 #448, LaPorte Ice Race, January 19, 1997. At this race held in Indiana we watch some of the heat and final event in the following classes: Open Pro, Open novice, 200 sidecar, Open out-rigger, Senior and the 250 class. The Team Chicago Tech Tip shows how to rebuild a rear shock.

Open Road Radio started January 11, 1997, more photos and story

#449, 3-Hour Ice Race Endurance, Part 1, January 26, 1997. We show the start of this three- hour ice race that benefits the Steel-Shoe Fund. With some comments from the competitors, we watch the first half of race.

#450, 3-Hour Ice Race Endurance, Part 2, January 26, 1997. We show the conclusion of this three-hour ice race. The Team Chicago Tech Tip shows how to rebuild the front forks of a dirt bike.

#451, Oshkosh Winterfest, February 2, 1997, In this show we show most of every class final that ran. Classes include, 125 A & B, 250 A & B, Senior, Super-Senior, 80ís, Quads and both of the Twin classes. George Mack is interviewed.

#452, Midwest Championship, Lambs Farm, Part 1, February 8-9, 1997 George Mack decided to promote a motorcycle ice race in Illinois. This is the action from the Saturday racing using three cameras from the Lake Forest Public Access System.

 #453,   Midwest Championship, Lambs Farm, Part 2. February 8-9, 1997Maybe the fastest action on the ice is shown as the proís battle for the $5,000 purse. All of the amateur races are shown along with the TT action.

#454, Spring í97, Part 1, In this show we show some of the vintage race bike that I videoed at the Ĺ mile at Elkhorn, Wisconsin years ago. We look at some vintage film from Santa Fe Speedway and check out some more vintage motorcycles.

#455, Spring í97, Part 2, In this show we view some trials riding and we show some of the new motorcycle parts and accessories from the 1997 Dealers Show in Cincinnati, Ohio.

#456 Free Roadrace School at Grattan Raceway. April 5, 1997. This spring show starts with the five classroom. Some of the instructors include, Phil, Steve, Dan, Dave, Darby, Frank, Tommy and Steve Karson with safety wiring. Some of the on track footage is in the rain. We unpack the new Yamaha YZF 600 at Richís Yamaha in Lockport, Illinois. And we wrap it up with an interview with Kris ĎTigerLadyí and Gina Woods of Open Road Radio, two of the students in the school.

 #457,  WERA Natíl Talladega, Part 1, April 12, 1997. First two hours of this endurance are shown. We interview with the captain of Team Fury and we pick up the 1997 YZF600 Yamaha at Rich's Yamaha in Lockport, Illinois. The Team Chicago Helmet-Cam shows this track.

#458,  WERA Natíl Talladega, Part 2, April 12, 1997. Final two hours of this endurance are shown. We fit the AirTech Fiberglass on the YZF600. Brian Lantz is interviewed. Of the National Sprint races, both the Expert 600 Superstock and the Novice 600 Production races are shown.

#459,   GLRRA at Grattan. We show a few of the racing including: LW GP, EX GTO and HW TWINS. We interview Eric Knake and we take a look at 4 & 6 Racing and Cycle Sport Yamaha.

#460, Nitro Trials School, This is a complete school for riding trials. In the first lesson, the students are taught to balance on their bikes. Then the student do some slow turning. Finally the student challenge a few of the sections during two loops at the track.

#461,  WERA at Grattan. May 3-4, 1997 We look at a few races and interview Chip Larkby and Bob Gerbrick. For the tech tip, we show how to install a Micron Pipe on the Team Chicago YZF 600.

#462,  WERA Natíl Road Atlanta, Part 1, May 10-11, 1997. First three hours of this national endurance, along with the painting and prep of the AirTech Fiberglass at Freddieís shop on the north side makes up this show. Team Chicago Helmet-Cam shows this track located 40 Northeast of Atlanta, Georgia.

 #463, WERA Natíl Road Atlanta, Part 2, May 10-11, 1997. Conclusion of the 6-hour national. Dunlop present a tech tip on tire size and we see the 1100 and 600 expert SuperStock races with the 600 Novice Production race.

 #464, WERA Natíl Hallett, Part 1, May 24-25. We show the first four hours of this 6-Hour National race. As our tech tip, we show how to install new Goodridge brake lines in the front. Guy Jones rides with Team Chicago.

 #465, WERA Natíl Hallett, Part 2, May 24-25. Last 2 hours of endurance, interview with Mark Junge of Nielsen Racing and 600 SuperStock Race plus Novice Production race.

#466,   AHRMA at Road America, Part 1, May 31-June 1 Start out by looking at the vintage motocross. Some of the classes are Classic 500, +30 int., Sportsman 500, 250 novice and a battle in the +60 class between Dick Mann and Jeff Smith. We interview roadracer, Chris Jepsen and look at the Formula 250 race on the road course

#467, AHRMA at Road America, Part 2, May 31-June 1. Some of the Trials event action is shown using the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera. On the road course, the Battle of the Twins is shown, then the Formula 500 and 350 GP race is shown. Coverage is provided with the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera. The show ends with the Sound of Thunder race.

#468, GLRRA at Road America, June 8. In this show we cover a few races: HW Twins, GTU, Amateur HW. We interview Rich Oliver. We look at the Keith Code School and look at the dyno at 4 & 6 Racing.

 #469, WERA Natíl Gateway, June 14. We cover this four-hour National Endurance at this super-speedway located across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. Plus we interview with Mark Zalke, the rider who rode with Team Chicago

#470, AHRMA at Grattan, June 15. The show covers a good amount of the National Trials action in the woods on the west side of the roadcourse. We then show parts of four different roadraces.

#471,  WERA Natíl Indianapolis Raceway Park, Part 1. June 28-29. First 3 hours of this four hour endurance, interview with Arclight Racing's riders and we finish installing the Dynojet kit in the Yamaha YZF600

#472,  WERA Natíl Indianapolis Raceway Park, Part 2. June 28-29. Conclusion of the 4 hour national endurance race plus five of the Sunday sprint races are covered.  

#473, AHRMA Natíl Peoria, June 22, 1997. Stating with the trials event at the Peoria Motorcycle Club-grounds, we then move to the TT action. 2 time National Champion, Dick Mann is interviewed and we show action from the 1949 TT National.

 #474,  WERA Natíl Grattan Raceway, Part 1. July 5-6, 1997. We show the first five hours of this 6-Hour National event. We interview the owner of Team Fury. Phil Young joins Dan Schmitt in riding the Team Chicago Yamaha YZF 600..

 #475, WERA Natíl Grattan Raceway, Part 2 July 5-6, 1997. The last hour of this 6-Hour race is shown and then the Dunlop Tech Tip shows how to balance a tire. Of the Sunday sprint races the 125 and 600 Expert races are shown.

 #476, AHRMA at Mid-Ohio. July 12-13, 1997. At this event, we first show some of the National Trials action in the woods. We show a clip of Open Road Radio featuring Gina Woods. We conclude the show with some of the roadracing action on this famous roadcourse.

 #477, Lake County SuperCross, Part 1. July 23, 1997. At this fairground race in Grayslake, Illinois we show some of the action from the Wednesday night racing action including the 250 heats, 250 semi, 125 last chance, 125 final, 250 final and the Dash for Cash. This is all done with three cameras from the Lake Forest Public Access truck.

#478, Lake County SuperCross, Part 2, July 24, 1997.  In the Thursday night action we highlight the third 125 heat, a couple of 250 heat races, the 250 main event, the over 30 main event and the 125 final.

 #479, WERA Natíl Summit Point.  August 2, 1997. The start is shown with the Team Chicago Helmet-camera. The tech tip show how to mount body work on the bike. This 4-Hour race is concluded during this show.

#480, Ducati Weekend at Grattan,  August 3, 1997, First we look at some two-up riding on the track, then we see a Bike Blessing in Michigan. Now some faster bikes on the track including that Bimoto two-stoke. With a flash-back I ride the Ural Sidecar motorcycle down Lake Shore Drive and to Loomis Cycle in Indiana. We conclude with the Bikini Bike Wash at Cycle Craft in Woodstock, Illinois.

#481, GLRRA at Grattan, Race 3,  August, 1997. We show some of the roadrace action in the GTO Amateur race, the amateur 600 race, Sportsman, small twins and the expert Open class at this 2-mile roadcourse in West Michigan.

#482, WERA Natíl Memphis, Part 1. September 6-7, 1997. We show the first couple of hours of this 4-Hour National. The Team Chicago Helmet-camera shows the layout of this track that includes the drag strip. A interview with the owner of Tapes Works is used along with a the Tech tip that shows mounting the fairing and changing the clutch of the Yamaha YZF-600.

 #483, WERA Natíl Memphis, Part 2, September 6-7, 1997. The third and fourth hours of the endurance are shown. A clip is included from Richís Yamaha. Of the Sunday sprint races the 125, 600 and 750 classes are used.

#484, AHRMA Natíl Steam Boat, Part 1, September 12-13, 1997.  The Trial event is held on the side of a mountain. Coverage is provided with the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera. 7 sections are shown. Then the action moves over to the motocross track. A variety of classes are covered.


#485, AHRMA Natíl Steam Boat, Part 2. September 12-13, 1997.  Show starts showing this street roadracing course using the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera mounted backwards to show the course. Races covered include Battle of the Twins, Premier 500, Class C, Formula 250 & Premier 350. We then show a clip from the Wheel Through Time Motorcycle Museum. One race with MRA is shown, Heavyweight Superbike and Middleweight Supersport.

#486, WERA Natíl Texas World, Part 1, September 20-21, 1997. We cover the first four hours of this 8-Hour National. We show the Rex Durameter by checking some tires and we talk to some of the members of Army of Darkness.

#487, WERA Natíl Texas World, Part 2, September 20-21, 1997. The last four hours of this endurance race are covered. We have another Dunlop Tech Tip and the 600 SuperStock, 600 Novice and 750 races are shown.

#488, WERA GNF Road Atlanta, Part 1,   October 8-12, 1997. We show the first couple of hours of this four-hour endurance. We feature the action on the track and some helmet-camera footage. We inter Daryl Saylor and show some of the action in the pits.

 #489, WERA GNF Road Atlanta, Part 2, October 8-12, 1997.  We conclude the National Endurance race. Afterwards, we look at few of the National final including the V3 & V6 race, the 125 race and the 600 Expert race. We interview Mark Junge and Gordon Lunde Jr.


#490, Fall Roadrace School at Grattan, October 19, 1997. Edited November 10, 1997, In this show we show the track walk at Grattan. Eric Konigsberg takes some good time showing the proper way to ride Grattan on the chalkboard map of the track. We look at the students ride the track also. I test a new BMW 4-cylinder motorcycle provided by BMW of Grand Rapids on U.S. 131.  We Dyno test the í97 Yamaha YZF 600 at 4 & 6 Racing and we test a tire with the REX Durameter as we conclude this show with a little helmet-camera mounted backwards.

#491, Bitter End Enduro, 1997. October 26, 1997. This is the final AMA Enduro of the season held in western Illinois. After the ridersí meeting, we interview Terry Gerkin of the Brush Poppers M/C Club. With the Team Chicago Helmet-camera running, we ride this sixty mile off-road race.

#492, The Race, 1997. November 3, 1997.We watch the start of this world toughest race. The water crossing are spectacular and the action in the woods looks great. We show some of Bill Gussy helmet-camera as he rides with the leaders.

#493, AHRMA Natíl Roebling Road, November 15-16, 1997. Located in Georgia, this is the final race for the 1997 season. Coverage begins with the Sound of Singles class, Formula 750 and 500 Sportsman, Battle of the Twins-Two Stroke, 350 GP and Formula 250. Sunday's races include Formula 500 and 750 Sportsman covered with the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera. 200 GP and Pre-40, with the Sound of Singles, Battle of Twins Two-Stroke and two-stroke Singles.  

#494, Legends of Chicagoland Motorcycle Racing Brunch. November 30, 1997. This show is about the re-birth of the Legends Brunch. This brunch was held at Ace Cafť in Chicago. After the intro we flashback to Kersting's Cycle Center and Museum where Kris 'Tigerlady' and Dan Schmitt ride a few bikes including a Nearacar, a Moto Guzzi 'Salami Slicer' 500 single and a 1965 modern looking 125 two-stroke bike.  A clip from the 'Toys for Tots' motorcycle parade is also shown.

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